There are several ways you can save on your registration. Scroll down and contact us for more details.

Promo code newsletter subscribers

When you register to our website here  you also receive a promo code for the first edition of the Appenninica MTB Stage Race. Save 800 Euro per team, 400 Euro per SOLO rider, 200 Euro per Appenninica4 SOLO rider. Only 26 full race and 25 4-stage of these promo codes are available.

Complimentary Photo Service – Christmas

Register before Christmas (December 25th) and receive a complimentary photo service by Sportograf.

Mixed teams – Valentine’s Day

Register your mixed team before Valentine’s Day (February 14th) and receive one complimentary massage package and a team post-race Hotel package including thermal Spa entrance and airport transfer (a 500 Euro value).

Cycling Clubs 3×2

Friends and members of cycling clubs that register three teams will get one complimentary race entry (a 33% discount). Extended until March 31st.
Euro 2900×2=5800
You save an incredible 2,900 Euro or 33%

W Special

 Women teams can register with a reduced fee: 1900 Euro (950 Euro per rider) saving 1000 Euro per team (500 per SOLO rider).* Use promo code Wappenninica at checkout.

SOLO riders Full Race

When you register as a SOLO rider or the full race before Sunday, January 27th, 2019 you get to save 400 Euro (1050 instead of 1450 Euro).

SOLO riders Appenninica4

When you register as a SOLO for Appenninica4 before Sunday, January 27th, 2019 you get to save 200 Euro (525 instead of 725 Euro).

*a mixed team will be granted the reduced fee for the female rider.

Go to registration NOW.

Note: Promotions CANNOT be combined with the exception of the Complimentary Photo Service by Sportograf.