Riders bulletin n.6

Riders bulletin n.6📒July 11, 2019

Hey there,


The two following articles of the race rules have been updated (see race rules):


Under new FCI UCI rules in addition to the racing license you must have a letter from your national cycling federation authorizing you to race abroad. Your cycling federation will have a template and it’s usually issued in a day or two.


Race marking and Navigation –

Please read carefully the new updated article below:

The race course may be marked – at the discretion of the organizers – with barrier tape, fixed signs with arrows.

Some tape hanging on the right side of the race course indicates that the route turns to the right; some tape hanging on the left side of the race course indicates that the route turns to the left.

GPS tracks will be available for download one week before the competition. It is mandatory that you use a GPS device during the race with the GPX tracks provided uploaded in order to navigate the course.

In case of discrepancy, the GPS tracks will have priority over the indications provided by arrows.

Volunteers, event staff or municipal police officers may oversee some crossroads.

Competitors are deemed responsible for their navigation on route and they should not rely on directions provided by supporters or people that are not members of the event staff.

No shortcut is permitted, at any time, by bike nor on foot.

Where more riding lines are possible and still part of the main race track, competitors are authorized to choose at their own discretion.

Also, we’ve hired a GPS tracking company – Setetrack – for extra safety. It will also allow live tracking from anywhere.


See the full email: Riders bulletin n. 6

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