Riders Communication n. 2

Riders bulletin n.2 📒August 19, 2020

It is mandatory – per race rules and to comply with the Italian Cycling Federation FCI – that all participants have a UCI approved racing license (UCI logo and number).

Therefore, you should get or renew your national cycling federation UCI valid racing license.

Under FCI and UCI rules in addition to the racing license you must have a letter from your national cycling federation authorizing you to race abroad. Your cycling federation will have a template and it’s usually issued in a day or two.

The alternative is to do a daily racing license in Italy and it will cost 10 Euro per day of racing (one per stage).

You’ll also need a medical declaration

Often, a national racing license includes additional benefits such as insurance while racing and even training. 

All that said, we recommend that you obtain a racing license with your national cycling federation and that you use the daily license as a back-up plan. 

In any case, one or the other is mandatory and if you don’t comply you won’t be able to race.

Best regards from the Appenninica team.

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