Riders Communication n. 4

Riders bulletin n.4 📒September 14, 2020


This is the fourth rider bulletin. These bulletins will provide useful information, news, and mandatory action reminders. We are 13 days out.

Support Teams and Fans

We have created a Googlemap with the racecourse that is a very useful tool for support teams public and fans. It shows:

– Feed zones

– Ambulance locations and mountain rescue crew location

– Parking spots near the feed zones and trail heads



At the following link you can download a pdf with the list of the feed zones:



You can also follow the race – and a racer specifically by flagging him/her – by going to the SeTeTrack live events page (Appenninica MTB will be published soon). Following by via smartphone: there is not an app but you can open a the link and view the event via your smartphone browser. Share the link via Whatsapp or text as you wish.




You should plan to have a minimum of 4 cycling kits. After stage 3 (Fanano), you can have 3 kits washed (10 Euro + 5 for the mesh bag deposit). 



Men GC (leader jersey)

Women GC (leader jersey)



Master 40+ (combined Men/Women)

Gran Master 50+ (combined Men/Women)


Basics and Updates:

  • The riders’ bulletins will be saved on the website so that you won’t have to dig them out of your inbox. Make sure you read them all.
  • COVID prevention measures will be in place and you are obliged to comply. 
  • If you have a companion or supporters with you, we offer specific services and packages (only companions who have a companion package can access certain areas). Write to us with questions. 
  • Stay tuned for the signage and navigation communication. 


Reminders and To Do:

  • Rules. The race rules are published here (you can also download a pdf with the latest and approved race rules). You acceptance of those rules is implied with your registration.
  • Please check that you are all set with your racing license and letter to race internationally.

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