Appenninica Solo

You can race the Appenninica MTB Stage Race as a single rider. The SOLO format is available in addition to the Team of two format.

SOLO riders can take part in the full race (Prologue + 7 Stages) or to Appenninica4 (4 Stages). 

“While we believe that the best way to experience a MTB stage race such as Appenninica is by participating as a team,
we’ve got to recognize that there are several reasons that make the SOLO category a viable option.”
Beppe Salerno – race co-organizer

Many riders perceive a MTB adventure as a single-rider endeavor and that comes down to personality, personal goals, and awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses. 

“As racers ourselves, we know that finding the right teammate is crucial but that’s
not simple because of logistics (time off for the race and time for training), character, and shared goals.”
Milena Bettocchi  – race co-organizer

Registration is open in the following two categories:

  • Man SOLO
  • Woman SOLO


Please notice that in the Race rules most articles still apply but some are team specific, therefore won’t apply to SOLO riders. Because we take safety very seriously a GPS tracker will be mandatory for SOLO riders. 

The Rider Services (inclusions) are at this page for the full race and at this page for Appenninica4.

Registration cost is 1450. 

Registration cost for Appenninica4 MTB Stage Race is 725 Euro. 

Promotions are posted at this page.

To register go to the registration page HERE.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.