Lorenzo Samparisi makes Italian fans cheer in Fanano

The KTM Alchemist Dama rider won stage 3 (Fanano-Fanano), seeing off leader Hans Becking in a sprint. Süss is unbeatable among women. Tomorrow the Queen Stage (110 km!)

On the third day of Appenninica MTB Parmigiano Reggiano Stage Race Italy has celebrated its first success. On Tuesday, September 29th, in the third stage, starting and finishing in Fanano (Modena), over 50 km and 2500 meters of elevation gain, charted with the unmistakable trait of famous trail builder Pippo Marani.

Lorenzo Samparisi (KTM Alchemist Dama) saw his determination rewarded with a victory on the Modena Apennines, conducting an aggressive race since the first ascent towards Passo Colombino. In his wake on the way up, the iron duo of DTM Racing Team formed by Hans Becking and Tiago Ferreira, whose strenght and consistency was on display once again.

Samparisi, Becking and Ferreira proceeded together on the ridges between Croce Arcana, Lago Scaffaiolo and Passo del Lupo, whose beauty has been enhanced by a sky never so clear in this edition of Appenninica.

The fun and electrifying final descent made the difference on the natural singletrack to Fanano, in which the hand of Pippo Marani – the creator of Val di Sole’s “Black Snake” – could certainly be seen. Samparisi attacked again with courage, followed by Becking, while Ferreira chose not to take risks ahead of the Queen Stage on Wednesday. Samparisi had time to raise his arms in the final sprint, while Becking consolidated his blue leader’s jersey.

“I attacked from the start, we were three on the climb, but I knew the final technical descent could have changed everything”, says Samparisi. “I didn’t hold back, I took some risks, and that eventually paid off. Tomorrow, however, it will be a different story: you have to manage the effort, and then unleash everything in the final hour.”

Even with the competition in full, however, the three protagonists of the day agreed on one thing: “When we arrived on the ridge, Becking, Ferreira and I looked at each other and said – such a shame we don’t have a phone to take a pic! – We didn’t expect something like this before the start”.

Third place for Milton Ramos, looking more consistent and smiling day after day, at 6’09”, while Ferreira reached the finish line at 6’44”.

In the overall standings, before the Queen Stage, Becking has 7’44” on Tiago Ferreira, 15’41” on Lorenzo Samparisi and 19’24” on Milton Ramos. “Today we didn’t want to risk too much,” says Becking, “Samparisi pushed hard, especially on the downhill, while Tiago preferred to use some extra caution ahead of tomorrow. The Queen Stage will be decisive, anything can happen, and victory is not granted. The one thing that’s for sure is the beauty of the sceneries we get to see every day.”


Esther Süss (RC Gränichen) continues to command the women’s race. The former World Champion took the third success in a row: an unbreakable supremacy. The second position was once again of Gaia Ravaioli (KTM Alchemist Dama), 23’22” behind.

“I’m focused on my own race: the only thing that can distract me are the scenarios that open up around us as we ride on a great course. Today the descent was so much fun; I enjoyed it all in view of the difficult stage of tomorrow, where it will be important to be on the top of my game.”


It is the stage circled in red on the calendar of all athletes. Two numbers are enough to tell why: 110 km and 4,200 meters of elevation gain. Tomorrow it’s Queen Stage time. It is the stage that leads from the harshest to the hilliest part of the Apennines in a succession of singletrails, from the province of Modena to Reggio Emilia.

After the descent from Cimone, a series of up and down will begin: Passo del Saltello, Passo di San Pellegrino, Passo delle Radici, Passo del Giovarello, all on various terrain, from forest roads to trails with roots of undergrowth.

The Passo della Cisa is the last significant climb of the day, leading the athletes in the medieval town of Sologno and opening the first view of the Bismantova Rock. From the village, the last descent and the crossing of the river Secchia will finally mark the desired arrival in Castelnovo ne’ Monti.

Ferreira and Süss keep shining in Appenninica

Another double for the DMT Racing Team duo in stage 2, 65 km from Porretta Terme to Fanano. The Portuguese won the stage; the Dutchman held the race lead: “The Apennine is stunning!” Esther Süss keeps dominating among women

Ph. The Outdoor Lab. Tiago Ferreira in action on the Apennines’ ridges

Only two days have passed from the start of Appenninica MTB Parmigiano Reggiano Stage Race‘s second edition, and “stunning” is the word you keep hearing in the village of the MTB stage race on the Italian Apennines. They clearly were not talking about the race outcome, at least so far: favorites Tiago Ferreira and Hans Becking, among men, and Esther Süss, among women, are obviously living up to the expectations.

On Monday, September 28th, the second stage took the field from Porretta Terme (Bologna) to Fanano (Modena) over 65 km and over 3.000 meters of elevation gain. It was different than the opening effort, and arguably more challenging: there’s little wondering why the stage was named “the technical.” Nevertheless, the outcome eloquently remarked what the first stage had already suggested.

Once again, Tiago Ferreira and Hans Becking of DMT Racing Team have celebrated together on the finish line, strengthening their role as favorites for Appenninica’s second edition. This time it was the Portuguese, reigning European and former World MTB Marathon Champion, to precede his teammate, who smiles in the blue of his Natali-branded leader’s jersey that he claimed yesterday and defended today.

“We accelerated right at the beginning of the climb to the Sboccata dei Bagnadori, around the Rifugio della Segavecchia,” Ferreira said, “and Hans and I paced from there, managing our gap.” “It’s a long week, so we need to manage our effort,” echoed Becking, “and this also allowed us to enjoy the sight a little bit, and it was definitely deserving. We saw incredible places on the course, and the second half of it was so much fun. I have been in many places, including the Alps and the Dolomites, of course, but I am discovering that the Apennines are beautiful in their very own way.”

After warming up the engine in the opening effort, Honduran Milton Ramos (Rockrider-Decathlon) displayed the quality that made him a serial winner of the Iron Bike: he was third on the day, a mere 32 seconds behind the DMT duo. Anyway, his first comment after the finish wasn’t about the overall standings: “Can’t believe the things I saw today. After traveling the World, you assume you pretty much know what to expect. And you’re mistaken: the climbs, the descents, the Apennine ridge we faced today are something incredible. I feel lucky to be here because I didn’t expect Appenninica to be like this: the places, the courses, and the special care they have for each rider like I had never seen before. Amazing.”

The first Italian rider, Lorenzo Samparisi (Team KTM-Alchemist), came in fourth place at 7’04”. Samparisi now occupies the same position in the overall standings behind Becking, Ferreira e Ramos.

Ph. The Outdoor Lab. Esther Süss celebrating in Fanano finish line


The women’s race also confirmed what Esther Süss had started showing on Sunday. The Swiss rider claimed another neat success, with the challenging Apennines’ trails enhancing the huge value of the former XCM World Champion and three-time Cape Epic winner.

“Another great course today, and such hard climbs! We went through really tough sections, and I think we will find plenty of those over the week. But my legs are spinning good, and I am enjoying my time here. There’s still a lot to ride, and that’s good news”.

Gaia Ravaioli (KTM-Alchemist) came in second at 18’48”, keeping her runner-up spot in the GC behind Süss and ahead of Sarah Reiners.


The stage 3 will be raced mostly on the natural trails in the area of Fanano and Sestola. The stage is named “Pippo Yeah” after Pier Paolo “Pippo” Marani, the famous trail builder of Val di Sole’s “Black Snake” downhill course, who contributed to charting 2020 Appenninica’s third effort.

After the start on the tarmac, the path to the Colombino Pass will bring the race through chestnut woods to the Capanno Tassoni. From there, the view will open on the singletracks on the ridge between the Passo Croce Arcana, Lago Scaffaiolo and Passo del Lupo. Some portage will be needed before unleashing the speed on the technical tracks that are sure to give the riders a real adrenaline rush, all the way to the finish in Fanano.

Ph. The Outdoor Lab. Milton Ramos finishes third today’s stage

Ph. The Outdoor Lab. The ridges of the Apennines

Fanano, a movie set for Appenninica

Focus on the stage venues – The challenging trails and magnificent scenery of the town in the Province of Modena will host two stages and the start of the Queen Stage of Appenninica MTB Parmigiano Reggiano Stage Race (on September 28th, 29th and 30th)

The discovery journey through Appenninica Parmigiano Reggiano Stage 2020‘s stage venues, scheduled from September 27th to October 3rd, continues. After the opening stage in Porretta Terme (Bologna), the Appenninica family will move towards the Province of Modena, as Fanano, after the excellent feedback from last year, decided to double its commitment in the MTB stage race on the Emilian Apennines, welcoming two stages and the launch of the Queen Stage in the 2020 route.

On Monday, September 28th, Fanano’s city center will host the finish of the second stage. On day three, though, on Tuesday, September 29th, the mountain town in the Modena’s Province will be in the spotlight as start and finishing venue of a stage full of fascinating natural trails and breathtaking landscapes. The course was charted by renowned trail builder Pippo Marani, and named “Pippo Yeah” after its architect.

The stage starts on the tarmac, quickly gaining elevation towards Taburri, before entering a trail up to the Colombino Pass. The following descent dives into the majestic chestnut woods, riding on dirt roads until reaching Capanno Tassoni.

After leaving the hut behind, the view will open over a succession of beautiful scenery and wide landscapes, which will not divert the attention from the singletracks on the ridges that follow one another between the Croce Arcana, Lake Scaffaiolo and Passo del Lupo. There are a few portage sections, but the descent towards the finish line will fully repay the effort, featuring a compilation of fun trails, technical sections, ridges and berms, straight towards Fanano.

There’s more to it, though. On Wednesday September 30th Fanano will launch the participants towards Castelnovo ne’ Monti and the province of Reggio Emilia, for the 105 km and 4200 mt of elevation gain of the Queen Stage, passing from the Monte Cimone to Passo del Saltello, Passo di San Pellegrino, Passo delle Radici, Passo del Giovarello and Passo della Cisa. It will be a crucial day for Appenninica’s final classification.

Stage 3 and 4 were also covered by the recon of the pro rider Andrea Tiberi, who showed the course features in an emotional video available on the official channels of Appenninica MTB Parmigiano Reggiano Stage Race.

“We believe in Apenninica because Fanano has more than 200 km of trails, and we see MTB as an important asset for tourism – the Mayor of Fanano Stefano Muzzarelli explained -. In 2019 Appenninica brought passionate bikers from all over the World, and that was great for us. Foreign tourism is on the rise here, and it is based on sports, nature and good food: that’s where our strategy is headed. We thank Appenninica’s organizers for their commitment: seeing our territory in the top magazines in mountain bike is the icing on the cake for us.”


Fanano is a mountain town immersed in the nature, located in the “Parco dell’Alto Appennino Modenese” at the foot of the Monte Cimone‘s massif (m. 2165, the highest peak touched by Appenninica), with an area whose altitude varies from 600 to 2165 meters. It is ideal for cycling and hiking. Cimone is often a destination for freeride enthusiasts, as it hosts one of the most important BikeParks in Italy.

Thanks to the beauty of this area, Fanano set some relevant Italian movies, such as “Una Gita Scolastica” (1983) by Pupi Avati, whose final scene was filmed at Lake Scaffaiolo, where Appeninica’s participants will also pass by. “Tutto Quello Che Vuoi” (2015) by Francesco Bruni, winner of Italian “David di Donatello” featuring Giuliano Montaldo, was filmed in the Ospitale. Finally, “Zen Sul Ghiaccio Sottile” (2018) by Margherita Ferri, was set at the Fanano’s ice stadium and presented at the Venice Film Festival.

The city is particularly proud of Felice Pedroni (Felix Pedro 1858 -1910), a pioneer born in the Municipality of Fanano who, in the era of gold prospectors, contributed to the foundation and became the president of the new mining district of Fairbanks (Alaska). In the Linea Gotica Museum in Trignano it is possible to find out more about his adventurous life.