Appenninica MTB Guided Tours

Not ready for an adventure like Appenninica and riding at race pace for a whole week? Would you like a more relaxed experience and the time to enjoy all of the beauty and the hospitality of this area?

 Appenninica MTB Guided Tours for MTB and E-MTB

You can join Happy Trail MTB – organizer of Appenninica – and Tourissimo – active travel company – and our expert team of MTB guides in Italy in a region, Emilia Romagna, renowned for its history, art, traditions, and food, along moderately technical trails of the Alta Via dei Parchi on the Apennine Mountains.

Whether you want a re-make of the full race itinerary or something more leisurely with Spa and downtime to enjoy the lifestyle of the Apennine villages, we have something for you.

Appenninica MTB guided tours are perfect for a group of friends and cycling clubs that want to organize a social vacation.

If you are the king of person who prefers to travel independently, drop us a line and we’ll share some tips and GPS tracks of Appenninica are also available.

Contact us to find out more and to be updated when group tours are scheduled.