We have compiled the most frequent questions and answers as well as the ones that we would have liked to ask as participants. This section will grow and be updated with the most frequent questions and useful information.


Can I participate alone?

Yes, you can register as SOLO. Solo riders can take part in the full race or in Appenninica4 (4 stages).

My teammate cannot commit yet. Can I still register?

You have until the end of May to find and announce your teammate. At that point, if you have not found a teammate, you can switch to the SOLO format. Mind that if you plan to race as a Team (2 riders) you will have to take part in the full race (Appenninica4 is for SOLO only).

Can you help me find a teammate?

We cannot. However, you can post a request for a teammate on our Facebook page using the hashtag #RiderWantedAppenninica2019

Where can I find the rules?

You can read and download the rules HERE.

What are the categories?

Go to the dedicated section on the registration page.

How do I register?

To register for the Appenninica go to the dedicated page on the website. We use a third party service for your registration and payment, but remain available for any further information or specific requests. Contact us.

How do I contact you?

Contact us here.

What happens if my teammate cancels?

You can change teammate until May 1st without additional fees and until a month prior to the race for a fee of 50 Euro. You can also switch to the SOLO (single rider) format and race by yourself.

What happens if we need to cancel the team participation?

You can transfer your registration to another team until May 1st without additional fees and until a month prior to the race for a fee of 50 Euro. As an alternative, you can postpone your participation to the following year but in that case, it will no longer be transferable to another team.

How much is registration?

Go to the dedicated page HERE

Do you have promotions and specials?

Go to this page to see what promotions and special deals are available.

What is included in the registration?

The Appenninica is a full-service race and as such includes: a marked course and professional timing system for prologue and 7 stages, accommodation for 8 nights, all breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, a minimum of 3 feed zones and water points for each stage, secured bike parking, a farewell party in Bagno di Romagna and much more! Click HERE to go to the Riders Services webpage. Inclusions for Appenninica4 are listed here.

Where do I find cancellations and refund policies?

Go to the specific paragraph in the Registration page HERE

Transportation, RVs and Parking

Will there be an area for RVs/campers?

There will be a dedicated area for RVs and campers near the Race Village. Some of the host cities might also have some equipped campsites (information will be available on the host cities webpage).

Will there be parking?

Each team will get a free parking pass with the team number, giving them access to the reserved area inside the Race Village at each stage. To access the reserved area, the pass needs to always be visible. No additional parking passes will be released.

Can I park my car/RV/camper and retrieve it at the end of the race?

Yes, you can park in a designated area in the last host city and purchase the specific Extra Package to use the shuttle from the last host city (Bagno di Romagna) to the prologue in Bologna (about 2 hrs). This transfer will happen at 8 am sharp on Saturday, July the 20th. Your bike must be already assembled (the bike case remains in Bagno di Romagna).

If I withdraw from the race, can I go back early and retrieve it?

The race organization does not offer early shuttle service back to the parking of the first host city, airport or any other destination prior to the end of the race. See race rules. Within reason, the organizer can help arrange a paid transfer.

How do I get to the Appenninica prologue?

If you do not travel with your vehicle, you can purchase a specific Extra Package with a shuttle service from the Bologna train station or Bologna airport.

Can I park my car in Bologna?

You can park your car at Parcheggio della Certosa viale Gandi (free). It’s 200 mt from the Welcome village, there’s no max height limit, it is not surveilled. You can also use a long-term parking place near the airport and use the Appenninica shuttle (this transfer to the prologue – or event hotel – must be booked and paid in advance).

How can I get back to Bologna after the race?

If you do not travel with your vehicle (or ride with someone else), you can purchase a specific Extra Package with a shuttle service to the Bologna airport (from there it’s easy to go to the train station). Those will depart on July 28th starting at 6 am (about 2 hrs). If you need a ride on July the 27th (at the end of stage 7), you should contact the organizers.

Can you bring my bike box to the last host town?

Yes, we can bring your bike box and suitcase to the arrival city of the last stage at no extra cost. Keep in mind that you will not have access to it during the race even if you withdraw from the race early.

How do I get from Bologna to the start of Appenninica4 by train?

There’s a train from Bologna to Porretta Terme almost every half hr.
Therefore, you should make it from Bologna airport to the Stazione Centrale and then take the train.
From the airport to the train station they are about to open a monorail that is called people mover Marconi and it takes less than 10 min. You buy train tickets right at the train station.

How much gear can I bring with me?

Everything you need during the race week including electrolytes and spare parts must remain in the race bag. The mattress, pillow, and sleeping bag can remain in a bag provided by the organizer.

Do you provide a “day bag” service?

Each participant will receive a small bag with the race number that she/he can consign every morning before entering the starting grid and retrieve at the arrival city after crossing the finish line.

The Race

Where exactly does the race start?

The start of the race will be in Bologna – very near the lively city center – and the Prologue will start and end right in town. Go to the Stages to see a description of the Prologue. We are proud and excited about Bologna and its Welcome Village!

What distance and elevation gain does the race have?

The race consists of 1 prologue and 7 stages. The competitors will face a distance of about 500km with 20,000m of elevation gain.

At what time do the stages start?

The competitors in the first wave start from 8:00 am to 8:45 am according to the announcement delivered at the evening briefing. The others follow at intervals of 5 minutes.

How do you assign the starting grid?

The prologue (time trial) has a starting time based on race number. Elite athletes are assigned the lowest numbers and start first. The classification of the prologue is then used to assign the starting grid of stage 1. For the successive stages, the general classification (GC) after each stage is used to assign the starting grid. The starting grid will be posted at the race office as well as at the entrance of the race canteen at both dinner and breakfast time each day.

What happens if one of the team members has to withdraw?

For all cases, please refer to the rules of the race.

Is there a time limit to finish the stage?

For safety reasons and logistics we have to establish a time limit to finish the stages. The cut-off time of each stage is communicated in the morning, once the weather conditions have been assessed and eventual modification to the course made. In some of the stages, a cut-off time might be established at the mid-race point.

Is the course marked?

Yes, the course is marked with arrows and biodegradable paint spray. People with flags will marshal some of the intersections.

Will the GPS tracks be made available?

Yes, the GPS tracks will be available. However, in case of discrepancies, the markers on the course always prevail as it is the most up-do-date, as a last scouting of the course is done by the race director staff in the 24h prior to the stage.

The Race Village

What is the Race Village?

The race village is your and our home that moves with us for the duration of the race. The dimension is more or less the size of one soccer fields, and it is supplied with electricity, bathrooms with showers, and Wi-Fi. The host villages allow us schools, gyms, and other buildings and therefore sleeping will be indoor and no tents are needed.

Can I invite my fiancé, family, dog, etc.… to the Race Village?

Only athletes (racing or not), staff, volunteers, and accreditated companions have access and are allowed in the dormitory of the race village. The expo/entertainment area around the finish line is also open to spectators and companions.

Where can I find the organizer’s office inside the Race Village?

The office that interacts with athletes and team manager is the race office. The race office is in charge of coordinating all services directly related to the race but it can also direct you on where and how to address other needs, or call the managers of the Race Village or logistics.

Will there be mechanical assistance and spare parts available?

In the Race Village there might be partners and sponsors that provide mechanical assistance and sell spare parts (not part of the race organization).  Furthermore, you can purchase the Extra mechanical package that also includes bike cleaning.

Meals and Diet Restrictions

What meals are included?

Breakfasts and dinners are provided by the organization thanks to the host cities. Lunch: a hot dish and several types of beverages will be available at the end of the stages. will be served One of the things that participants – especially international participants – will appreciate the most is the possibility to replenish the burned calories with delicious meals of the traditional cuisine of Emilia Romagna.  Emilia Romagna offers without a doubt one of the best cuisine of Italy, if not the world!

Dinners will be the expression of tradition and genuineness and, as you can imagine, pasta will be the protagonist!

Dinners will consist of three courses plus dessert or fruit.

For each course there will be a vegetarian option. Unfortunately, we apologize but are unable to accommodate people with other types of diets and allergies.

For meal times go to this page where you will see how a race day takes place.

What is supplied in the feed zones during the race?

In the major feed zones, you will find fresh and dried fruit, nuts, bread with sweet and savory toppings, pies, energy bars, gels, electrolyte sports drink, water and cola.

In other feed zones, you will find gel, electrolyte sports drink, water and cola.

The staff and volunteers at the feed zone cannot pass you food or fill water bottles.