Race village


For the duration of the competition week, the Race Village will be both the home of the competitors and the logistics base of the organization. Think of it as 30% camping, 30% mountain village, 20% logistic space, and 20% summer festival. Seriously, the race village is a complex kaleidoscope of activities and services that is set up and dismantled in record time to be ready for the finish line of each stage and welcome athletes, supporters and the media.

In addition to basic services such as the restaurant, bathrooms and showers, massage area and medical, bike park and tents area, there is also the expo area with the mechanical service, entertainment area and relaxation area. The Race Village has Wi-Fi coverage.

Some areas of the Race Village have controlled entrance such as the athletes’ tents area and the bike park. Accredited athletes and accompanying persons should always wear their identification bracelets to access and circulate in the controlled entry areas and to enter the restaurant.


Competitors can choose a tent on arrival and “mark” it with their race number card on the appropriate placeholder (do not forget to remove the place card the next morning and put it in your race bag).

In the Race Village, there are few rules but we ask that you respect them to allow everyone to have a good experience and to facilitate the work of volunteers and staff:

  • Use the appropriate garbage containers and empty the tent completely before leaving
  • Respect the silence imposed in the tents area from 10pm
  • Do not occupy tents of other competitors who are not your race partner
  • Do not waste food
  • Keep bathrooms clean and inform staff if cleaning or maintenance is needed
  • After maintenance, park the bikes in the bike park (closes at 9:30pm)