Rules & behavior

The Ten Commandments of the Appenninica rider

Enjoy, Respect, and Meet New Friends

These ten rules (for the educated “decalogue”) specify which behaviors will guarantee the maximum enjoyment of the event by respecting competitors, staff and volunteers, and hosts.

In addition to the rules of the competition, we ask everyone to follow these 10 commandments:

  1. Stay positive, don’t lose your temper. A “no” day can happen to everyone and a good endurance athlete knows how to overcome those moments.
  2. Do not block or slow down faster competitors, instead let them pass you at the first opportunity.
  3. When passing someone, do it without putting the person who precedes you in danger or difficulty. Inform them you are about to pass them and on which side.
  4. If you have a mechanical problem move away from the trail to fix your bike without slowing down or blocking competitors.
  5. Absolutely DO NOT throw anything on the ground, neither in the Race Village nor on the trails.
  6. Be on time! Respect the logistics of the event.
  7. Volunteers and staff work hard to ensure that you have fun in complete safety. Let them know you appreciate their work.
  8. Take all the food you want but do not waste it.
  9. Take care of your mountain bike and she will take care of you.
  10. When using showers and restrooms remember other people are waiting for a hot shower and appreciate a clean restroom.

Put in your best effort and remember that you are doing what you like: a – hard – mountain biking adventure. Follow our ten commandments and good luck!


Norme di comportamento Appenninica