Interested in participating as a volunteer?

Volunteers, Appenninica needs you and offers you a very satisfying and intense sporting, human, and professional experience.

It is undeniable that one of the pillars on which the success of amateur sporting events is based is the involvement and coordination of volunteers. We thank you for taking it into consideration and for spreading the word with those you think might be interested.

Appenninica volunteers call

How does it work?

We will assign you to a team lead by a captain of the Appenninica staff according to the availability you have, your interests, and your skills.

Some examples of the things you could do at the Appenninica are:

  • Set up and provide assistance at feed zones and refreshment at the end of the stage
  • Assemble and dismantle facilities at the Race Village and at the start/finish area
  • Manage competitors entrance in the starting grid

As a volunteer you will be provided with (depending on the number of days you will be working):

  • The Appenninica staff clothing (t-shirts, windproof/rain jacket, hat)
  • All meals including breakfast and dinner in the Race Village restaurant and a packed lunch
  • Admission to the Farewell Finishers’ Dinner Party
  • Overnight stay in dorms in the Race Village in an area designated for volunteers and staff*

Are you at Appenninica to support a competitor?

Volunteering is a way to gain access to the areas reserved for Appenninica athletes.

You can also earn a generous credit on the subscription to the Appenninica MTB Stage Race next year (transferable). For each day of work, you earn 50 euros to be transferred to your future registration **.

* If you want to stay with a competitor you can request to stay in the athletes’ area of the dormitory.

** The registration must be confirmed by December 31st with the payment of the balance (unless you opt for the payment plan).

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