The definition of companion for the organization of the Appenninica MTB Stage Race is as follows: those who follow and support a competitor or team for the entire week of the race.

The organization is offering Companion Packages thanks to a collaboration with Tourissimo Active Travel in Italy. The information is posted on this page and the packages can be booked in the personal area in 

Based on their package, companions access the athletes’ area and services but also have the opportunity to explore the region crossed by the race, enjoy activities such as bike rides and hikes as well as outdoor and cultural excursions. Obviously, the thermal spas for which Emilia Romagna is renowned cannot be left out (availability depends on the stages). It will be a unique opportunity to discover all the beauties of the Apennines and to support the competitors.

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Accredited companions have the logistical support of the organization. Some packages include transportation, overnight stays, and all breakfasts and dinners.

The overnight stays can be in the dorms or in a hotel depending on the package purchased.

Accredited companions also have access to the entire Race Village (you will always need to wear the identification bracelet provided) with the sole exception of the bike park and recovery zone at arrival.

Contact us here to be alerted when the packages are available for booking or to request personalized packages.

NOTE- Only accredited companions have access to the athletes’ area of the Race Village. Other non-accredited supporters and companions do not have access to the athletes’ area of the Race Village.

Package companion supporter

With this package, you can sleep in the dorms during the race week and have breakfast and dinner in the race village. You won’t have access to the athletes’ area of the race village if you don’t purchase a package.

Finisher’s final dinner not included.

Cost with transport: Euro 390*

Cost without transport: Euro 245

Breakfast & dinner in the race village: Euro 130

*transfers before and after the race are not included but they can be added as extras.

Camper Area

Companions and support teams can also organize themselves independently, for example with a camper in tow with a pass for the camper area (one per team).


The scenery of the Alta Via dei Parchi and the towns of the Apennines of Emilia Romagna will also be their protagonists and competitors. Supporters and fans will be able to appreciate their beauties. Spectators will be able to follow the stages of the race and experience the atmosphere of the Appenninica MTB Stage Rage as follows:

– Inaugural Stage: at Stage 1 there will be a vibrant atmosphere with entertainment, music, expo area with exhibitors, as well as food and drinks. The venue itself will be stunning and unique.

– Start Line of the stages: every morning you can follow both the entry phase on the grid and the start. It is an important moment to support the teams that are about to face a challenging day of their week of competition. You can position yourself along the outside of the starting grid.

– Finish Line of the stage: stage arrivals are scheduled between 13:00 and 14:00 for the top riders and between 16:00 and 17:00 for the last riders. The speaker will announce the names of the teams and competitors accompanied by the background music of the arrival area. The expo and entertainment area are available to spectators, riders and volunteers. It is also possible to stay for dinner at the Race Village restaurant and to attend the stage award ceremony.

– Feed Zones: feed zones offer an interesting point of view on race day. Some feed zones are in villages while others at mountain huts accessible only on foot or by bike. Encouraging athletes at the feed zones is a good excuse for a family trip!

– Along the route: there are also points along the route suitable for the public. For reasons of security and logistics, the best points will be identified and communicated. The intent is to limit traffic during the passage of competitors while offering a selection of scenic and spectacular points.

The organization of the Appenninica MTB will publish a rider guide with stage-by-stage information (downloadable from the website and available at each stage).

VIP Packages

If you want to follow one or more stages with a VIP Package, including by helicopter, contact us here.