2020 Stages will be released on November 2019. Find below the past edition stages:


As promised, we’re giving you a preview of the elevation profiles to prepare you for how demanding the race will be.

A quick word about this info:

  • The charts that follow are preliminary and are subject to change.
  • The plan for the race course is almost complete but it could still be refined. The exact race course of the Appenninica will be finalized after the winter season, as some sections of the terrain can shift and change during that time.
  • In the springtime after the snow melts the Apennine of Emilia Romagna blooms again and comes to life, rainfall diminishes, and the land adjusts. During that season we will thoroughly revise all trails and forest roads that we’ve previously selected. Therefore, for the final version of the stages and the official publication you will have to wait until we verify actual conditions, possible re-routing, and maintenance needs, if any. 

In the meantime, prepare yourselves for a tough race with a considerably mixed terrain, with a constant sequence of ups and downs that will test your endurance, but with just as many fun and adrenaline-filled downhills.


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Prologue – Bologna
Saturday 20th July 2019

Lenght  9,7 km – Elevation gain  271 m
Start Bologna – Arrival Bologna

The prologue starts at Dall’Ara stadium in Bologna and tackles one of the most known classic climbs in cycling which is the steep, 2 km long, ascent to the Sanctuary of Madonna di San Luca. After passing under the arch of Meloncello the riders continue alongside the historical arcade up to Colle della Guardia.  This climb is paved and the off-road section starts just meters after the top. The next section rolls on trails dominating Bologna from above.  The course meanders between narrow forest roads and fun trails before diving downhill back to the city through the Meloncello arch again and to the finish line.

Stage 1 – 1000 Laghi
Sunday 21st July 2019

Length 78,6 km – Elevation gain 2491 m
Start Berceto – Arrival Castelnovo ‘ne Monti


This first stage is not very demanding, but much will depend on your pace along the faster climbs. It’s the ‘lakes’ stage (Lagoni, lago Ballano, lago Verdarolo, lago Scuro, lago Squincio, lago Paduli). At Cirone Pass the route runs along a ridge and through some forest roads among chestnut trees. The forest opens up every now and then to afford views of Tuscan valleys. Green clearings are lead to small hamlets in the Val di Tacca. Some steep sections will force most to hike a bike while some paved stretches will allow you to catch your breath. The key will be to ease yourself into race mode without going over the limit.

Stage 2 – The Rock
Monday 22nd July 2019

Length 101 km – Elevation gain 3760 m
Start Castelnovo ‘ne Monti – Arrival Fanano

The second stage runs in the shadow of mysterious Pietra di Bismantova, the imposing rock formation which is one of the symbols of the region. The route crosses ancient roman ways and the Matilde’s Path (from Matilde di Canossa). It’s a long day with mixed terrain and it will be important to stay focused so as not to lose your tempo. Even for the best endurance riders refueling will be crucial with 110 km and 3500 mt of elevation gain. Tough ending with the climb of Mt Cimone and technical downhill to the finish line in Fanano. 

Stage 3 – Alta Via
Tuesday 23rd July 2019

Length 51,6 km – Elevation gain 1850 m
Start Fanano – Arrival Porretta Terme


This is a shorter stage but don’t underestimate it. After an initial demanding climb the course becomes less steep as you gain elevation immersed in a forest. The second part of the stage will test the riders’ technical skills with a rocky and exposed section. These are high-mountain ridge trails with views that can span to both Italian coastlines. Some short downhill sections will again require skillful bike handling and only a few will be able to ride them. Once you enter the final wooded section, a long and pleasant descent will lead to the stage host town: the thermal village of Alto Reno Terme (Porretta).

Stage 4 – La Cronoscalata del Monte Piella (time trial) – Start Appenninica4

Wednesday 24th July 2019

Length 24 km – Elevation gain 1030 m
Start Porretta Terme – Arrival Porretta Terme

After a quick climb on secondary roads and a nice stretch of paved panoramic road you will cross the ancient village of Castelluccio and its Castle Manservisi. You climb again on a beautiful forest road until you reach the summit of Mount Piella with views of the Reno Valley. The descent is technical but enjoyable, on a single track trail with a wooded pinewood and beech forest, then follows from the Marconiano path (Guglielmo Marconi had his father’s house in this town) which brings back to the center of Porretta Terme.

Stage 5 – La Linea Gotica

Thursday 25th July 2019

Length  53 km – Elevation gain 2055 m
Start Santa Sofia – Arrival Santa Sofia

The stage is a scenic ride through the Bidente river valley. A mix of gravel roads (with some downhill… pay attention!) and fun single tracks lead to Corniolo, where you’ll find the first aid station. From there again a long climb to go back in altitude. After the GPM you find a very fast and exposed descent, where you will need to be more concentrated and reduce the speed. The last kms are very varied technical trails, rolling paths, river crossing and a fast arrival in Santa Sofia on the riverside.

Stage 6 – The Forest

Friday 26th July 2019

Length 54,3 km – Elevation gain 2100 m
Start Santa Sofia – Arrival Bagno di Romagna

A fast start on the asphalt leads to the first climb, a wide gravel road up to the suggestive Poggio alla Lastra with its unique rocks followed by a more technical path among the Brooms, a fragrant bushes typical of Romagna. The route follows the ancient Decauville, a railway for timber used during the building of the Florence Dome, and leads into the heart of the Parco delle Foreste Casentinesi. The trail reaches the Apennine ridge at the Passo dei Mandrioli where it begins to go down towards Bagno di Romagna along an extremely fun but demanding trail, all along the ridge.  Rolling roads but in the end a steep uphill just for… fun. Keeping your concentration high and not relaxing is the secret to make it!

Stage 7 – La Tecnica

Saturday 27th July 2019

Length 33,6 km – Elevation gain 1200 m
Start Bagno di Romagna – Arrival Bagno di Romagna

After a tiring queen stage, you’ll need one final effort to make it to the end of the race. You start off with a short paved section but at San Piero in Bagno you start climbing and enter a trail called sentiero del lupo (wolf’s path) which gently arrives at passo dei Mandrioli. The beechwood gets thicker and the trail gets narrower and zigs zags through the trees. You summit at passo della Crocina and the fun downhill is your cue that you are heading back to Bagno. At passo Lupatti prepare for the last technical downhill which presents a steep grade and loose rocks.

2020 Stages will be released on November 2019.

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