The general racecourse description is here.

What follows is a preview of the stages to give you an idea of how demanding the race is.

A quick word about this info:

  • The following information is preliminary and is subject to change.
  • The route is broadly defined but could still undergo some minor changes. This Appenninica racecourse will be finalized later in the spring, as some sections of terrain can shift and change during winter and early spring.
  • In the springtime, once the snow melts, the Apennine of Emilia Romagna bloom and come to life, rainfall diminishes, and the land adjusts to the changing of the seasons. During that time, we will thoroughly revise all trails and forest roads that have been selected for the event. You will have to wait until we verify actual conditions, possible re-routing, and maintenance needs – if any – to see the final version of the stages in the official publication.
  • We’ve carefully selected trails with an eye to past editions’ average speeds and the estimated times it took to complete the stages.

We’ve planned everything with a goal to offer a tough week of mountain bike stage racing without compromising the enjoyment of riding great trails that are part of an incredibly beautiful natural landscape.

We have four stage venues with moderately difficult routes spread out over the course of a week. With three loop stages (Castelnovo ne’ Monti, Fiumalbo and Vidicatico), competitors will be under less stress and have more hours to recover, as well as have time to explore and learn about the stage locations.

In the meantime, get ready for a challenging race with varied terrain and alternating continuous climbs and descents that will test your endurance, but with just as many stretches of pure, adrenaline-filled downhill fun.


Monday September 4 2023

Length​ 56 km – Elevation gain 1800 m
Start Castelnovo nè Monti – Arrival Castelnovo nè Monti


The welcome to the 2023 Appenninica is in the shadow of the Pietra di Bismantova, with an opening stage that makes it immediately clear that the week will be no joke. These are the numbers for this first race: 56 km with 1800 meters of climbing, alternating ascents and descents that are not long but they are challenging.

As soon as you start, you immediately face a series of ups and downs on trails and rural roads that lead you through the centuries-old chestnut groves of Marola, after which you throw yourself into the first challenging descent in this new edition of Appenninica. Following that, riding the scenic ridge of Castello di Carpineti on fun, technical single-track is certainly not to be missed. The stage continues downhill on a mix of single track and forest roads until reaching the lowest point of the day, where the historic Spallanzani path takes racers uphill on a smooth rural road. But it’ll require some more energy to finish the round-the-rock loop of the iconic Pietra di Bismantova because there’s still some climbing – and it’s not trivial. When you leave the Pietra behind, you can say the stage is done and dusted!


Tuesday September 5 2023

Length​ 89 km – Elevation gain 3200 m
Start Castelnovo nè Monti – Arrival Fiumalbo


The Mountain Queen is certain to be memorable. The Appenninica queen stage always puts racers to the hardest test: 89 kms with 3200 meters of climbing. After the uphill start in the direction of the Pietra di Bismantova and followed by the immediately challenging descent toward the Secchia River, which is also in this 2023 edition, there’s a long climb toward the Cisa Pass (20 km and 1000 m of elevation gain) before descending to the foot of Mount Cusna, the Sleeping Giant. The route continues on forest roads that bring you back to elevation and up to the amazing panorama of Mount Giovarello. At the peak, on the Passo delle Radici, a downhill section begins that leads to the finish in Fiumalbo, but not before covering various sections of single track, and mountain and forest roads.


Wednesday September 6 2023

Length​ 79 km – Elevation gain 2700 m
Start Fiumalbo – Arrival Fiumalbo


This is the newest addition to Appenninica! The unprecedented loop stage from Fiumalbo takes us to Tuscany through the Abetone ski area and counts 79 kms with 2700 m of climbing for a memorable stage. It immediately climbs up some hard grades to Monte Maiore, then descends on a short single-track section to the Abetone pass. Here you can try your hand at a couple of descents in the bike park bearing the same name. The spectacle plus the fun and the intensity will accompany you throughout the area. The second part is a continuous alternation of short climbs and as many descents until the finish back in the historic village of Fiumalbo.


Thursday September 7 2023

Length​ 57 km – Elevation gain 2300 m
Start Fiumalbo – Arrival Fanano


57 kms and 2300 meters of elevation gain, it’s yet another test for the legs! There are three climbs on the day. We start immediately with the ascent up Mount Cimone and indulge in the bike park’s slopes by riding both the single track and forested service roads that inhabit the area. The second climb on asphalt is quite long and takes you back up to elevation; there is little time to relax. The descent is technical and challenging through sections of back roads and steep single track. The third uphill climb is the shortest, but the legs will be tired, and the finish is on rough, rocky trail. Maintain concentration!


Friday September 8 2023

Length54 km – Elevation gain 2500 m
Start FananoArrival Vidiciatico


Stage 5 is a concentration of all that is Apenninica: long rideable climbs, technical and fun descents, and breath-taking views along the 53 kms and 2400 meters of climbing. The stage starts with the historic Fellicarolo climb, with a succession of asphalt, dirt road, forest roads, and single track for 16 kms to the Colombino Pass. From here, you face the technical and often slippery descent to Ospitale, you’ll have to pay attention and maintain concentration! Next up is another climb lasting 14 kms to Croce Arcana Pass, where one of the most spectacular and iconic sections of the Apennines begins; you ride on single-track on the ridge’s edge with breath-taking views above the clouds. The single track continues to the finish through rocky, forested, and field descents.



Saturday September 9 2023

Length​ 37 km – Elevation gain 1750 m
Start Vidiciatico – Arrival Vidiciatico


The final stage is a welcome return to the Mount Pizzo bike park after its debut in the 2022 edition. It takes place entirely on Mount Pizzo’s trails, where the natural bike park trails were very popular last year. It’s the final stage but watch out – it’s not to be taken lightly! There are three climbs (one gets repeated twice) on asphalt followed by three descents to enjoy for a tough but unforgettable final memory of Appenninica.