Press and Media Involvement

Press and media professionals can experience Appenninica MTB Stage Race from within the race.

You will enjoy the same perspective of the competitors (and you could be one, too) when fully immersed in the daily life of the race village and when engaged in the tiring goal to reach the stage finish line.

Qualified press and media professionals can join for just two days and up to the full race.

Why not using an Appenninica stage as testing ground if you plan to test bikes and equipment and write about it?

Be one of the narrators of the Italian MTB stage race that rides an amazing territory and offers great hospitality and a fun atmosphere in the race village that is always hosted by lively Emilia Romagna villages.

Candidates should write to us to tell us about their interest and media outlets.

What we offer:

  • Race entry
  • Airport transfer
  • Accommodation in the race village and meals
  • Media room with wifi
  • Access to photo and media content
  • Press releases

Media and press at Appenninica MTB