Cerreto Laghi

Cerreto Laghi is a hamlet of the Municipality of Ventasso in the province of Reggio Emilia, a well-known ski resort within the Parco Nazionale dell’Appennino Tosco-Emiliano. Close to the natural watershed of the Passo del Cerreto, this resort has all the landscape, natural features and sports facilities to satisfy the desire for a holiday. Perfect scenery for skiing and all kinds of winter sports, as well as for immersing oneself in nature and outdoor sports such as trekking and mountain biking during the summer.


Immersing oneself in nature and landscapes is a must during a stay in Cerreto Laghi. Among these enchanting places, we cannot fail to mention the Sorgenti del Secchia, a borderland between three states between 1400 and 1847 (State of Florence, Duchy of Modena and Reggio, Duchy of Parma). Next to the springs is a large pasture called “del Prataccio”, divided into three and used by the shepherds of Cerreto, Succiso and Camporàghena. The sources of the Secchia are a large basin of glacial origin that attracts hikers in all seasons.

The Cerreto Laghi ridge is full of glacial lakes, as the toponymy also suggests, and breathtaking views that also hint at the sea of the Cinque Terre. About ten water areas can be reached mostly on foot, where you can stop for several hours in peace and relaxation.

One of the hiking trails not to be missed is the one that winds through the Riarbero valley, where the modifying action of the waters through erosion has created an enchanting landscape.


The cuisine of Cerreto Laghi takes the best of the culinary tradition of the three regions of which the town is at the crossroads: Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna and Liguria. The Emilian tradition is well represented by the famous cappelletti, egg pasta stuffed with meat, and the green tortelli, also made with egg pasta, with ricotta and herbs.

For those who love stronger flavors, there are also game dishes and porcini mushrooms. Don’t miss the testaroli, an ancient pasta format, a crepe made with wheat flour and water.


The anciente centre of Cerreto Laghi rises on the top of a rocky cliff at the confluence of the Cerretano canal and the Secchia river. Cerreto Laghi is a hamlet of the municipality of Ventasso, born in 2016 from the merger of Busana, Ligonchio, Collagna and Ramiseto, making it the largest municipality in the province of Reggio Emilia but the least densely populated.


Linked to Cerreto Laghi is the figure of Pietro Gibertoni, who was born in 1922 and died in March 1988. Gibertoni was an important post-war entrepreneur from Reggio Emilia who enjoyed enormous public credit.

During his career, he had recorded plenty of success in the hotel and ski resort sectors in the Tuscan-Ligurian-Emilian Apennines, contributing to the visibility of the area. In addition, he was involved in the production and export of products for agriculture, from animal feed to machinery to entire full-cycle plants.

These activities included a series of companies and an impressive number of branches and holdings in Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia. The son of Correggio farmers, Gibertoni was a friend of Fidel Castro, with whom he met several times and exchanged gifts, some of which are now part of the furniture in the Park Hotel in Cerreto Laghi.


The Alta via delle Sorgenti is an MTB route that winds along forest roads and paths for a total distance of about 60 km and 1818 metres in altitude difference. The route winds completely at high altitude, joining eight passes of the Reggio Emilia Apennines, all above 1200 metres of altitude. For many hours you pedal through the woods among beech and chestnut groves and unique landscapes.

The route is ring-shaped, and it is preferable to take it in an anti-clockwise direction; it can also be divided into several stages, including variants. From Cerreto Laghi it is possible to hire bikes and e-bikes or take advantage of an accompanying service.

Credits: The Outdoor Lab


Every year Cerreto Laghi hosts the World Mushroom Championship, an event dedicated to the typical product that grows abundantly in the woods of this area. Now in its eighth edition in 2020, the event takes place from mid-July to mid-October, a mushroom picking competition that in the last edition was held electronically due to the pandemic.

The organizer of the event is the Parco Nazionale dell’Appennino tosco-emiliano and participation is completely free.


Its border position between three regions makes Cerreto Laghi reachable from different parts of Italy. From Liguria and Tuscany, leave the Azzurra A12 motorway towards Parma or take the Cisa A15 motorway and exit at Aulla. From there you continue towards Fivizzano through the state road SS63 and the Cerreto Pass, when you reach the pass, you turn right and continue for about 2 km.

From Emilia-Romagna, through the Autostrada del Sole A1 towards Reggio Emilia you can exit at Reggio Emilia and continue to Casina, Castelnovo ne’ Monti through the SS63. Also in this case, once you have passed the Cerreto Pass, turn left and proceed for about 2 km.


Cerreto Laghi debuts at Appenninica MTB Stage Race in the 2021 edition

Appenninica MTB Stage Race 2021

  • Stage 5: Fanano-Cerreto Laghi
  • Stage 6: Cerreto Laghi – Castelnovo ne’ Monti