Confirmed the presence at the start of the Italian stage race of Marzio Deho, Italian MTB legend and one of the few bikers who have raced in every corner of the world.

Any Italian mountain bike enthusiast has heard of Marzio Deho at least once. A true legend that began competing in the early 1990s and has never stopped since. He has collected the beauty of almost 350 career victories, but above all he has raced in every corner of the world, from Europe to Asia, from South America to Africa.

His specialty is the long distances races, in his palmares there are 1 Italian marathon championship and numerous national team jerseys, he won prestigious races like the Dolomiti Superbike and the Roc D’Azur.

The stage races are his love, he has won twice the Mongolia Bike Race, the Himalaya Highest mtb race and also the TransRockies, a tough stage race in British Columbia.

The desire to race and ride has never diminished and in 2019 he decided to compete again in something new and for this reason will be the first edition of the Appeninica MTB Stage Race Parmigiano Reggiano.

We took the opportunity to have a chat with Marzio and let us explain his point of view on Appenninica (and on its possible future), on stage races and on how to approach one of them.


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– Why did you choose to participate in Appenninica MTB Stage Race Parmigiano Reggiano and what do you think makes it different from other Italian stage races?

Marzio: The stage races have always thrilled me, since I started practicing Mtb, I immediately tried also this type of races. In Italy a real stage race currently does not exist and one comparable to the more famous stage races around the world there has never been. So I see Appenninica as finally the stage race that was missing in Italy.


– For an 8-day stage race, do you think the couple formula or the solo is better?

Marzio: There is no better or worse, both solo and team competitions are good. In my opinion, every event must stand out with its own identity, or compete in team or individually. The Cape Epic teaches, born in couple continues to be so, then there are many other less famous 4-stage or one-week individual competitions (Andalucia bike Race or Volcat, Ruta de Los Conquistadores or Crocodile Trophy) or just in team (Brasil ride, Portugal Mtb or Epic Israel).


– You have competed practically all over the world, what do you expect from the Emilian Apennines? Is it an area you know?

– From the way they talked about it is a competition that they want to make known outside national borders and grow at good levels, to do this the Apennines is a good area because it presents a big variety of terrains ideal for a stage race. I know the areas but not very well, I’ve been there several times but I’ve competed very little in those region. I am very curious to discover the stages that I certainly expect hard and beautiful, with nothing less as races in the Alps.


– With which bike will you be running and what will be your basic kit for the individual stages?

– I don’t know exactly how much technical and what the stages will be like, but I think I’ll compete with my front Olympia F1. As in all stage races, a minimum of kits for your mechanical assistance is a good thing: take a multitool with chaintool and all the material needed for repair a puncture.


– Appenninica4, the reduced formula of the Apennines, do you think is the right gateway to a stage race for those who have never done it before?

– It can be a good starting point, but I believe that the race must find its identity, understand if it wants to be a 7-day race in team or on 4 days alone, the event must give the same emotions to all the participants and this first edition could be the one that will make Appenninica MTB Stage Race Parmigiano Reggiano understand its true nature.


– What are your suggestions for an amateur who at the Appenninica MTB Stage Race Parmigiano Reggiano will make his debut in a stage race?

– Definitely get prepared with a good amount of training, especially a lot of hours in the legs. In the race knowing how to administer himself well without burning-out or going over strength limits in the first few days, otherwise, you can pay it in the following stages.


The appointment with Marzio Deho and with Appenninica MTB Stage Race Parmigiano Reggiano is from 20 to 27 July 2019.

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