Garmin Sponsor and Challenge

Appenninica mountain bike Stage Race announces Garmin as sponsor and a Garmin Challenge within each stage.

Garmin is the world leader in GPS navigation and a well-respected brand in the outdoor world. For years, both adventure cyclists and those seeking performance have considered a Garmin bike computer and navigator as an essential tool for their rides.

Performance and adventure are two ingredients of the Appenninica MTB Stage Race, whose first edition will take place on the Apennine Mountain Range in Italy in July 2019.



Garmin has come on board as a sponsor of Appenninica and will link its brand to the Italian stage race. Garmin will offer assistance in the field with Garmin product specialists in the race village during the week of the race. Garmin GPS devices will surely be on the bikes of many of the competitors and Garmin personnel will be on hand to check that they are in top working condition. They will also provide information on new products.

Many riders – no matter the discipline – see their Garmin as a tool that grants a wealth of performance data and metrics.

Precisely in order to strive for performance under the Garmin brand, the organizers at Appenninica MTB are excited to announce the Garmin Challenge: a timed section within the route for each stage. In many cases the Garmin Challenge will correspond with a significant climb of the stage.

The more than 500 km of Appenninica and 270 of Appenninica4will not be a walk in the park but they will surely be an exciting challenge. There will be parts that will require more effort and determination than others and that will decide the ranking for those who battle for the podium. Among these will be the Garmin Challenge section of each course. These sections will be recorded, logged and will generate a special ranking thanks to the GarminConnect segments function.

The Garmin Challenge brings Garmin into the event as not only a sponsor but as an important part of the event, setting the stage for a successful collaboration betweenAppenninica MTB Stage Race and Garmin.

Team Garmin South Africa at Appenninica MTB Stage Race

We recently reached out to Team Garmin (South Africa) as they have confirmed their participation to the 2019 Appenninica MTB Stage Race. With their team, Appenninica adds a new country and another continent to the starting list.

Yolandi du Toit and Ben Melt Swanepoel are very familiar faces in the MTB stage race circuit and they are ready to tackle the Apennines next July.

– How was your 2018 season? Give us a highlight.

We are very happy with our 2018 season. We raced 64 days in total making it a full year for us with many wonderful experiences and memories. If we have to mention a highlight then it would be our participation at The Pioneer NZ. It was our first trip to that part of the world and participating on unknown terrain is always an exciting experience no matter the outcome. As a bonus New Zealand turned out to be one of the most beautiful and bike friendly destinations we have ever visited.

– Have you been to Italy before and why Appenninica appealed to you?

We have raced in Italy before but only in the North during the Craft Bike TransAlp and some marathon races in the Tirol and the Dolomites. Back then we already fell in love with the beautiful countryside and the warmth of its people. When the opportunity arose to explore a different part of Italy by bike, especially an area as attractive as Emilia Romagna and the Appennine Mountains, we couldn’t resist. Now we can’t wait to see what the Appenninica MTB stage race has in stall for us.

Team Garmin is a solid and experienced mixed team. Yolandi and Ben know how to approach a long stage race and we expect them to be competitive while charming everyone with their usual great attitude.

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