The performance beer created for sportspeople by Simone Bertin is sponsor of Appenninica’s 2021 edition: a balanced product that restores energy without glycaemic spikes

Is there any better than a cold beer after an Appenninica stage? For the 2021 edition (September 12th– 18th, 2021), the Appenninica MTB Stage Race’s organising committee will delight its riders with a special and balanced product, developed specifically for them by La Orange.

DeQou Action Beer is the first handcrafted performance beer with an alcohol content of only 3,5% vol., rich in magnesium and potassium with a double ratio of maltodextrin. This beer releases energy without causing a glycaemic spike, thanks to an innovative production brewing method based on university research and development.

Thanks to its wealth in elements, beer has been used for thousands of years to integrate and replenish minerals and energy in a pleasant way. DeQou Action Beer is the first performance beer specifically developed and brewed in Italy to combine taste, emotion and nutrition. The low alcohol combined with the high maltodextrin level makes it the perfect beer for recovery after a long sports session. We are sure that even the tireless participants of Appenninica will enjoy a sip of energy and “beerness” at the end of their efforts”, said Simone Bertin, CEO of La Orange.

DeQou Action Beer will be present at every stage of Appenninica with a special can, customized for the mountain bike stage race. La Orange returns to Appenninica’s family after having been a sponsor in the first edition.