The famous ski resort in the municipality of Ventasso will host Appenninica MTB Stage Race for the first time, with the finish of the most challenging test, the High Mountain Queen Stage, and the start on the following day

Located in the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano National Park, the famous ski resort of Cerreto Laghi is ready to make its debut at Appenninica MTB Stage Race. The hamlet of Ventasso, in the province of Reggio Emilia, is one of the five stage venues of the 2021 edition, to be held from September 12th to 18th. With its excellent facilities both for winter sports and to enjoy nature and outdoor activities such as trekking and mountain biking, the territory of Cerreto Laghi is rich in glacial lakes, as suggested by its toponymy, offering breath-taking views and water sheets to experience moments of peace and relaxation.

For its debut in the mountain bike stage race, Cerreto Laghi is ready to host, on Thursday 16 September, the finish of the most awaited effort: the High Mountain Queen Stage. After the start in Fanano, the athletes will face 95 km and 3,600 metres of elevation gain, touching the two highest peaks of the Emilia-Romagna ApenninesMount Cimone (2,165 m) and Mount Cusna (2,121 m), while enjoying the scenery of a wild territory. Approaching Cerreto Laghi, there will also be room for several fun stretches of single track, which is ideal after so many kilometres.

On Friday, September 17th, the caravan of Appenninica MTB Stage Race will start again from Cerreto Laghi to face the “Park & Roll“, fully located in the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano National Park, fraction up to Castelnovo ne’ Monti65 Km and 1900 meters of elevation gain, with a challenging early section around Monte Cavalbianco.

“As the Municipality of Ventasso, we are very pleased of having Cerreto Laghi in the Appenninica MTB route, as our territory sees tourism as a crucial asset“, explained the Mayor of VentassoAntonio Manari. “Cerreto Laghi is well known and established for winter tourism, but I think it is essential to invest in another type of outdoor tourism such as mountain biking, which is rapidly growing in our territory. This important opportunity will help us to strengthen our destination, which we would like to qualify more and more as an ideal location for cycling lovers.”


Immersing oneself in nature and landscapes is a must during a stay in Cerreto Laghi, enjoying enchanting places such as the Sorgenti del Secchia, a large basin of glacial water. There are about ten water areas in the surroundings, all easily walkable through hiking trails such as the Valle del Riarbero, where the water erosion has created an enchanting landscape.

Every year, Cerreto Laghi hosts the World Mushroom Championship, an event dedicated to the typical product that grows abundantly in the woods of these territories. The contest, whose 9th edition will take place in 2021, is a mushroom picking competition organised by the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano National Park.