Host towns

Host Towns – Where we will stay

The municipalities hosting the Appenninica Race Village are middle-mountain towns, spas and medieval villages. Each town is unique in its own way and unforgettable, surrounded by the beauty of national parks, mountains and lakes.

Without the support and active participation of these communities, the Appenninica would not have a home and a chance to become a race of reference in the international MTB scene. “

Milena BettocchiOrganizer Appenninica MTB Stage Race

These areas are still to be discovered by the international mountain bike community. Thanks to all participants and supporters, this event will have a positive and direct economic impact on local businesses.

Four Emilian provinces are crossed by Appenninica MTB Parmigiano Reggiano Stage Race: the start is in Porretta Terme (Bologna), before moving to Fanano (Modena), Castelnovo ne’ Monti (Reggio Emilia) and ending in Noceto (Parma):

PORRETTA TERME (BOLOGNA): it is the most populous village of the Alto Reno Terme municipality. It is renowned for its thermal waters, the green of the woods, and the picturesque villages nestled in the mountains. The EDEN project has awarded it as an excellence destination for sustainable tourism. Porretta Terme, in particular, is the home to some remarkable musical events such as the Porretta Soul Festival and several others. The local gastronomy is wealthy of typical products and is positively contaminated by Emilia and Tuscany’s culinary traditions. Also, there is a suggestive network of mountain biking or trekking trails in an unspoiled environment.

FANANO (MODENA): it is a mountain municipality, surrounded by the nature of the Parco dell’Alto Appennino Modenese and located at the foot of Mount Cimone, which is the highest point touched by the race with 2165-metre-altitude. Trekking and orienteering are typical sports in Fanano, since there are many trails for the more experienced but also no less fascinating paths for families. There are also Mountain Bike routes that create links with other municipalities on the slopes of Cimone, such as the demanding 45-km-long track called “Ring of Cimone” through the territories of Fanano, Sestola, Montecreto and Riolunato.

CASTELNOVO NE’ MONTI (REGGIO EMILIA): Castelnovo ne’ Monti sits between the valleys of Secchia and Enza, Reggio Emilia and the Cerreto Pass. It is nestled in the green of three conifers, including the famous Pineta di Monte Castello, where a Matildic era’s tower and support walls can be found. The heart of the entire landscape is the Bismantova Stone, a superb grey sandstone rocky emergency that stretches on the top in a flat plateau. Many sports disciplines can be practiced, from trekking to jogging, passing through horse riding and cycling trails around the Bismantova Stone, which is also a perfect place for those who love climbing on the rock.

NOCETO (PARMA): it is located on the slopes of the first hills of the Parma Apennines. Its territory is partly flat and partly characterized by valleys and plateaus. It is part of the heart of the Parmigiano Reggiano production area. The iconographic evidence shows how Noceto, in ancient times, appeared as an old village enclosed within the imposing walls of the Fortress: the houses were close to each other and the rione opened the castle gate, that through the drawbridge was the connection between the church and the countryside. During the last century, the town has gradually expanded to structure itself as it appears today: a town of about 13 thousand inhabitants where neighbourhoods have arisen progressively, extending from each side.